CSCD (Probation)

Michael W. Enax, Director
Reginald Robinson, Assistant Director

As an extension of the Fort Bend District and County Courts, the Community Supervision and Corrections Department (formerly known as Adult Probation) has a responsibility to the Courts, the individual ordered to complete a term of community supervision (probation), and the community. The CSCD supervises both misdemeanor and felony offenders who have been sentenced to a term of community supervision. As an alternative to jail or imprisonment, community supervision is designed to provide an option for sentencing courts whereby the offender is provided structured programs and an opportunity to receive educational, counseling, and/or rehabilitative services.

COUNCIL of Judges  
 Administrative Judge, Thomas R. Culver III 240th District Court
Judge Brady G. Elliott 268th District Court
Judge Ronald Pope 328th District Court
Judge Brenda G. Mullinix 387th District Court
Judge Clifford J. Vacek 400th District Court
Judge James H. Shoemake 434th District Court
Judge Ben W. "Bud" Childers County Court at Law #1
Judge Jeffery A. McMeans County Court at Law #2
Judge Susan G. Lowery County Court at Law #3
Judge Sandy Bielstein County Court at Law #4

Agency Mission Statement
"Achieve public protection through the control, rehabilitation, and re-integration of the offender and assist victims of crime."

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